About Us

Brad Osborne, Jeff Mulrennan and Greg Matheny began making music together back in Aurora, Colorado.  In the 80's they were living the best years of their lives, touring across the Western US, poised—or so they thought—for imminent rock and roll stardom. But as it does for so many bands, breaking through the clutter proved frustrating, and years of living on ramen noodles to make rent was beginning to take its toll. By the end of the 1980's they all went their separate ways and started new lives. It was a global pandemic, of all things, that slowed down three chaotic lives enough for reflection on what they had left behind so many years ago: a love of music, friendships that transcended the superficial, and a feeling that there were adventures yet to be explored. Through virtual meetings and file uploads, the trio recorded and produced their first album ever—a reflection on how much the world has changed from the strange and surreal decade of the 80s when they last played together. While the strange and sudden shift in their lives is thrilling, it also brings with it powerful revelations about changing times, aging, mortality, and the very meaning of life and death. Where do they go from here? The Strange Story of Mad Radio is an ongoing human tale whose final chapter is still being written.

This Sh*t is ROCKIN!”

— Peter Doell, legendary recording & mastering engineer


— Stan Lynch, Hall of Fame drummer for Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers